SAFETY TOWN is an early childhood safety education program designed to introduce
ALL types of safety conditions to four and five year old children. During a 20-hour
course (4 hours per day for 1 week) child learn safety behavior through THEIR OWN
involvement. They do this by role-playing in simulated and actual life situations under
the guidance of the Safety Town staff and daily presenters from within the community.

Safety Town includes instructions in ALL areas of safety. Your child will encounter
various professions such as; Livingston County Ambulance, informing them about 911
and demonstrating what they do with their equipment. Bus safety is learned and then
highlighted by a bus ride. A city police officer talks to the children about strangers.
While the local fire department invites us for a visit, the children learn about fire
equipment, stop- drop and roll, and other fire safety measures. Other subjects covered
in Safety Town include: introduction to poison safety, playground safety, bicycle safety
and crossing the street with and without signals. The most exciting part of our program
is the experience gained by participating at our miniature mock town. The children use
big wheel bikes to practice driving through the streets and learning how to use

Safety Town is a popular program for kids and a highly respected program in our
community. Our program is sponsored by Brighton Community Schools. We are also a
registered chapter with the National Safety Town Center in Cleveland, Ohio. We also
receive support from local businesses and organizations. Register today by returning
the application form from the back page. Or register by visiting our website at:
www.brightonsafetytown.com. If you have any questions you may call Brighton Safety
Town at 810-229-5731.